• Why I am Homeschooling

    Hey Luv, Have you ever tried homeschooling? Are you thinking about homeschooling? If you don’t know, I am now homeschooling my kids. I know we did virtual learning for the longest and that was a struggle. None of my kids grasped what they needed to learn—just a little background story. I was a school bus driver; I was working at my kid’s at school, in the middle of the pandemic. All of the social distancing made it hard. The schools didn’t know what they were doing. Nobody still knows what they’re doing. But that’s another story. So let’s say that I decided that after having to be in quarantine because…

  • 21 Day Daniel Fast

    Hey Luv, I am so excited for this year and all GOD has for us. I want us to stay on HIS path and hear HIM clearly. My prayer for you all is to live a life of blessings and abundance. The Lord already blesses us on a daily just because we are under HIS Grace & Mercy. Do you know that there is a way you can be blessed even more? For us to be blessed even more by GOD WE MUST be OBEDIENT. When we are obedient to what GOD is calling us to do everything around us gets blessed. HE would rather we be Obident than sacrifice.…

  • Contact Me

    Email: info.simplybeingsabrina@gmail.com Business Email: simplybeingsabrina@gmail.com Mail: Simply Being Sabrina 4301 W William Cannon Dr Ste b-150-#170 Austin, TX 78749

  • About Me

    Hey Luv, I’m Sabrina, and I am a virtual best friend, a mom of 4, and a content creator. I create motivational videos to inspire you in your daily life through my real-life mom life moments. My journey of overcoming domestic abuse and being a single mom has built my faith in Christ. Sharing my story and creating content has helped me to heal. I hope that you enjoy  Previous Next Jonah 10yr Brielle 9yr Gabby 8yr Aubrey 4yr Previous Next Click here