5 Tips on How to Clean a Messy House (Don’t Get Overwhelmed)

edited July 18, 2018

It has happened again. Laundry is taller than Mt Everest. Dishes are on overload, and you have forgotten what the carpet looks like. Not to mention the pain of stepping on a million Legos. I know that life. It happens to me more then I would like. With being a single mom of 4 plus running my own business, household chores are hard to keep up with, when all your kids are under the age of 7. There is a million reason why someone’s house can get “CRUNK.” Simply Being Sabrina is a place not to judge you but to hug you and encourage you to keep it pushing. In this blog post, I am going to share five tips on how to clean a messy house. Before I give out my suggestions, of course cleaning up as you go is the #1 rule that everyone knows. It is easily said than done for a lot of cases.



I notice when I stress about getting my house clean, it gets worse. I get overwhelmed and make a small problem into a HUGE monster. I fix this by changing my perspective. A messy house means you have a home to live in. Dirty dishes means I had food to eat. Laundry means you have plenty of clothes to wear. I can’t forget crazy kids running around means I have a family to love.



I like to make a list of everything that needs to get done. I may not get everything done that day but a least I know what needs to get done. Every time I check a task off my to list I feel more accomplished. Plus it helps me others know what needs to get done next. Which leads me to my next tip, ask for help.



There is nothing wrong with asking for help. We all need it sometimes. I am also the #1 believer in getting kids of all ages to help with cleaning. If they can mess up, then they can clean up. Never be afraid to start them young because they will grow up used to help you clean. I like to turn cleaning the house into family time by blasting music and dancing with them while we clean. It makes a tedious task into fun family memories. Now to my next tip, put on your favorite playlist.



Music is a big part of my life and family. I have a playlist for all of my moods. Music has a way of changing my lazy butt into a fully energized bunny, running around cleaning everything. Put on your favorite jams and clean that house



We all have been there you need that extra push to help you get off that couch. Cleaning videos are a great way to help you see that you are not the only and YES! it can be done. I have a great selection of cleaning videos you should check out.

I hope after these five tips on cleaning a messy house help you feel motivated. It happens to the best of us. Feel free to check out my YouTube Channel for cleaning videos, tips and more.

And always guys GOD Bless