FIVE Things To Buy at Costco /Costco shopping / What to Buy at Costco

Hey Luv, It is that time again, time for my monthly Costco shopping trip. Costco has thousands of options that are hard to choose. You can get lost with all the testers and hundreds of people everywhere. I decided to share some of my must-haves in the hope that you would give them a try. These are the five things to buy at Costco.


Amylu Organic Sugarhouse Maple Sausage

try to say that ten times fast. I love this sausage. It is all chicken with no pork. It tastes amazing. It is hard to find sausage that tastes yummy with no pork casting


Fresh Cut Mango

Mango can be very messy to eat. These take all that away. My kids can grab and go without all the mess. Mangos are very good for you, so this makes me happy to know my kids have a healthy yummy snack.



Nature Farms Organic Grilled Chicken Breast

This chicken makes cooking dinner a breeze. The chicken is seasoned and juicy. The only thing I say is to be cautious about the sauces and spices you use because the chicken already has salt in it. If you use too much can make food too salty.


Pasta Prima Spinach& Mozzarella Ravioli

Always hit at my house. Put any sauce or are leave plan. They are found in the freezer section.


Oasis Red Pepper Hummus

very affordable and yummy. My kids love to eat this.


Kirkland environmentally responsible dish soap

affordable and long-lasting. It is excellent at getting out grease and tough stains.


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I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for reading.