5 Budgeting Tips (Beginners)

Hey Luv, this has been a highly requested that I start talking about budgeting and saving. Starting a budget and sticking to it can be very difficult at first but rewarding when done right. Budgeting is not all about putting yourself on restriction but more of you gaining control of your money. Here are some tips I do to Budget and Save my money.

  1. Write it Down– Get you a notebook and for a week write down everytime you spend your money. Even if it was 25cent write it down. After about a week, it is time to do your budget worksheet. ( I recently did a video on YouTube about Budgeting Once it is uploaded I will insert here) Writing down what you spend helps you to know where you are spending your money the most on and what you need to cut down on.
  2. Spreadsheet– the spreadsheet is a awesome tool to use to make your budget worksheet.
  3. Know the Difference Between a Want and a Need– Too many time money can be spent on sometimes you really want when you probably should be saving. There is nothing wrong with spending on things you want when you budget for them. Set money aside for things you want once you have paid for things you need.
  4. Use Cash More- Using cash more has helped me to save more money. I tend to spend way less when I have cash in hand
  5. Know What You Are Spending Your Money– Have you ever asked yourself where did all my money go? I know I have,  make sure you keep track of all your expenses and spending.

I hope some of these tips helped. Feel free to share this post. As always Guys GOD Bless

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