Best Things To Buy At Costco

You Must Buy This at Costco

I share my favorite things to share

Y’all know I love Costco and lose my mind every time I go. With all the choices it is hard to figure out what to buy. I put this list together of some of my favorite things to buy at Costco.

1. Coconut Water

I love their coconut water. It is always affordable. I put it in my smoothies instead of using water or juice. You can use it to make popsicles and it helps to stay hydrated in the summertime.

2. Water

Hands down Costco have the best tasting water. For the price and the taste, you can’t bet the price.

3. Mango Juice

All I can say is this juice is BOMB!!! My kids love it. Adds some fruit and juice then turn them into frozen treats. Serve it cold over some ice. This can easily be turned into an adult beverage. If you get what I am saying.

4. Everything Bagel Seasoning

I jumped for joy when I found out Everything Bagel Seasoning was in bulk. My crew put this on everything. It is one of my go to seasonings.

5. Fresh Produce

Shopping for my large family that is primarily plant based, I am always looking for the most affordable and freshest produce. Costco has the best prices for the quality of produce. I never bought anything bad in that department.

6. Dish Soap

This is my go to dish soap. It is eco-friendly and affordable. It does the job, can’t complain.

7. Air Wick Plug In

If you are not a couponer then here you go this deal is for you. They are always on sale and keep the house smelling fresh. 

8. Diapers

All though my crew is out of diapers, I still must share this buy. It was a lifesaver when I had 3 kiddos in diapers at the same time.

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