Real Work From Home Jobs

Real work from home jobs

 It can be hard to find real work from home when you don’t know what is available. There are real jobs that have benefits and more.  Here is a list I put together of actual jobs that you can do from home.

Call Center

  • Customer Service
  • Tech Support
  • Sales
  • more

Depending on the company, they come with benefits and no upfront cost. These jobs will need you to have a headset, computer, and extra phone line. It is also essential you have a quiet place while you work.
Hours you work depends on the company if they at worldwide or national.


If you love reading and grammar, this is for you. You don’t need a degree. They are primarily independent contractor jobs. That means there are no benefits, and you are responsible for taxes. This job is suitable for someone with a baby or don’t like to be on the phone. You will need a computer, and there are no set hours to work. You will have a deadline to have everything completed.


This job is simple: you listen to either a video or a recording and type what you hear. The transcribing jobs I know are all independent contractors. You will be responsible for insurance and taxes. If you know a second language, you can also translate. This job is also suitable for those with little ones, and don’t want to be on the phone. You will need a computer.


You don’t need a degree for most. You can teach English to a 2nd grader in math. Most are independent contractors. Work when you want how much you want.

Virtual Assistant

  • Write and send emails
  • Social media manager
  • Answer calls
  • Make calls
  • And More

there are several things you can be done depending on what the client needs.

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