Why I am Homeschooling

Hey Luv, Have you ever tried homeschooling? Are you thinking about homeschooling? If you don’t know, I am now homeschooling my kids. I know we did virtual learning for the longest and that was a struggle. None of my kids grasped what they needed to learn—just a little background story. I was a school bus driver; I was working at my kid’s at school, in the middle of the pandemic. All of the social distancing made it hard. The schools didn’t know what they were doing. Nobody still knows what they’re doing. But that’s another story. So let’s say that I decided that after having to be in quarantine because of one of my daughter’s classrooms, two students caught the C-word. So I was like, Oh, no, we are staying home.

Yeah, and I’ve been home ever since, by the Grace of GOD, The LORD is providing for me. Now moving forward, I’m still not feeling comfortable with them going back. After praying to GOD, HE wants me to be at home with my kids and homeschool. This is my faith journey and trusting God with this. If you guys have been following me for a while, you guys know I trust GOD with something. HE shows up and shows out every time. And this in this season, I am saying yes to JESUS, and I’m going to trust HIM. There are a couple of books and some discoveries that have helped to make this discussion. I recently posted a video on my YouTube Channel talking in more detail. You can watch the video down below to find out more.

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